A simple question was asked of the SIBTT Co-Authors....

"What does participating in the SIBTT project mean to you?" Here is what they had to share....

Dedra  B. Thompson

I love the Lord. He has been beyond wonderful in my life. I enjoy writing.

Participating in SIBTT means a lot to me because The Lord revealed this idea to me before Rev. Val contacted me [to participate]. I’m ecstatic about the idea manifest ing into something real. I anticipate seeing the move of God in its fullness regarding this book and I am grateful He chose me to take part in helping someone’s life. 

Tasha E. C. Booker

I’m a 40 [something] year old single mother of 4. My educational background is in music education but my career path was in banking. Now my time is occupied with being a mother and being a caregiver.

I have experienced a few situations in my 40 [plus] years of living and I would love to share how I made it over through with the help from God. 

Rita Delaney

I love the Lord but I am still learning all that He wants me to be. I am the mother of one son and the grandmother of one. My son was tempted with the city life and did not make it to [age] 22, So I pray that this  [second chance] will give my grandson the chance in life he needs.

I feel blessed to have been asked to participate in such a wonderful project. I hope that my testimony will be not only pleasing to God but to the group also. I know this project will help people and it will also help me to get to Gods promise forme.

Desiree' R. Page

I am the 9th of 12 children and the mother of 6. I love experiencing the wonder of the Universe and am excited about the possibilities of the future.

Participating in the SIBTT project will allow me to tell my story in an effort to help some young person realize that he/she is not alone and [that they]can and will overcome, prevail and be the better for it. 

Tracy Steele

[I am a] divorced father of 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. I have 8 grandchildren 6 boys and 2 girls.

Participating in the SIBTT project gives me a chance to enlighten and educate people [about] the goodness of Christ. To share my testimony in hopes [that] it will reach someone who has similar issues and show them what a true belief in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ can do for them. 

Dr. Mary L. Ruffin

September 4, 1932 -

July 10, 2017

Dr. Mary L. Ruffin was an overcomer. She lived a life full of hard times and adversity, but God brought  her through those hard times. In the midst of many adversity's, she conquered and weathered many storms. She was the mother of twelve children, an astute financial entrepreneur, owner of real estate, and notably graduated with a Doctorate of Juris Prudence Degree at age sixty six. She gave God her best, and would be the first to tell you that she knew that she was not perfect, but she was grateful to God for never leaving or forsaking her.

About SIBTT, she shared,

"It gives me an opportunity to help someone else, by participating in the SIBTT project. If my life testimony is sufficient and can help someone in their life struggles, then I know that my living is not in vain and I have done my part to help mankind.”

Dr. La Vonne Shaw

La Vonne is courageous and determined to continue to inspire couples worldwide. Having served over a quarter of a million couples through ministry and counseling, she endeavors to help them break through their pain to discover their untapped Passion, Romance and Love potential, along with her husband, Pastor Michael Shaw. They are Pastors of Majestic Life Global Ministries in Maryland. 

Participation in the SIBTT project has provided the support and security she need to share and minister about this delicate subject. She hopes that others will heal and loose their shackles as she has from being connected to this extraordinary group!  She says, “My life has changed because of this connection on my journey!”

Tracey M. Booker

My history goes back to 2004 with this project and with Valerie Howard Jones. I know that it is important for us to provide the truth for our readers by sharing our personal stories and with truth and transparency. We are chosen for this time to do what we are embarking upon for the world, not just the Body of Christ. I am excited to be an integral part of a paradigm shift.

The healing, spiritual liberation, and deliverance of all are the priorities of this book. Too often, we feel that no one, especially in the church, understands our issues, how we feel, or that anyone can assist them towards and in their healing and ultimate deliverance. Guilt, shame, and condemnation turn to fear, and it grips us; locking us up spiritually. This book presents nine writers who possess various spiritual gifts, anointing’s and callings; who are coming together to encourage women, and the men, family members and friends who love them. No two co-authors tell the same story or have the same testimony, but we do understand how they feel and we have experienced the redeeming power of God’s forgiveness, deliverance, and love for his children.

Valerie Howard-Jones

Well, I’ve been in ministry since 1994; I’ve been writing for about fifteen years now and I love it!

Participating in SIBTT is dreams come true for me! It is the culminations of a word of prophesy I received almost 20 years ago and birthed out of a conversation I had with one of my dearest friends one evening. We had no idea what God was going to do with that simple conversation; what He is yet birthing through all of the participants of this awesome work of God, but I am encouraged that men and women, young and old will receive victory, healing, deliverance, and freedom for the first time in their lives as they read our stories! I am excited at the possibility of what God is going to do by using our hurt, pain, rejection, and birthing process to His glory for the building of the Kingdom!! I am excited at the possibility of how far God is going to push this project and subsequent additions to it! SIBTT represents freedom!

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