The SIBTT Literary Group presents a ground breaking new book,

“Sister, I’ve Been There Too”™

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(Tentative release, by year end 2016)

There is a stigma that plagues many women in ministry, and many of those who have committed to a dedicated life and walk with God, that rears its ugly head when the women experience the negativity's of life and act as the human individuals that we are. Upon speaking with several ministers and pastors, both male and female, one of the recurring issues they contend with is being “put on a pedestal” and being viewed or perceived at a higher degree of judgment by those whom they minister to, counsel, and provide religious and spiritual service. When the times become unbearable and we become angry, saddened, challenged, and have to deal with the negativity's of life, it is best that we either keep those feelings to ourselves or vent in private. So many times we don’t have a support system to help us get through it from the standpoint of connection with someone who understands or has experienced the same. We become ashamed, embarrassed, are unfulfilled, and feel like hypocrites because of course, “we’re ministers, and we’re saved; we are above it all and cannot have any reproach against us”. Yes, we daughters of God, His handmaidens, in whom He should always be well pleased, cannot and at all costs must not become weak or fall from “grace”.

Sadly, we become a group of women who have not lived full lives because we have acted in our human selves, and have not many times forgiven ourselves. No one understands us, we feel. We struggle with the same issues that all women wrestle with, but we do it undercover. We are victimized and plagued with domestic abuse, rape, abortion, drug abuse, promiscuity, fornication, adultery, pregnancy prior to marriage, victimization as women in ministry, religious bullying, emotional abuse and neglect, financial irresponsibility, financial dishonesty, grief and loss, mental disorders, and more. We pray to God for deliverance, but so often get drawn back into the negative behavior because we have not truly been healed, delivered, and set free.

The History of “Sister, I’ve Been There Too”™

The book, “Sister, I’ve Been There Too”™, is a compilation of life experiences and testimony’s from several female co-authors in ministry and one male, who unashamedly share their life stories from a place of deep honesty and transparency to serve women and the men who love them. The revelation for this groundbreaking and riveting literary work was revealed to Pastor Valerie Howard-Jones, Associate Pastor of Rehoboth New Life Church, in Waldorf, Maryland, and Rev. Tracey M. Booker, Presiding Elder in Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, Oak Ridge, North Carolina. The revelation was given to them in 2004. The directive given by God was for them to gather those females who would be willing to share their testimonies in a way that would help their sisters to loose the chains of bondage that hinder them from spiritual freedom. The blatant message that must be shared with the readers is that “you are not alone. I’ve been just where you are and God has delivered me and you can and must be delivered too.”

Rev. Tracey Booker shares this about the reason for the book, ©...

“The idea of us (Pastor Val and me) collaborating on a writing project began with one of our weekly Sunday night calls when we would give each other an update on our individual worship services. Val, being an avid and devout worship leader at a Non-Denominational Worship Center and me being a Holiness minister, it didn’t matter; we just wanted to share how God had blessed in the midst of our services and how we both had allowed Him to use us in the service.  Those conversations would be full of power and encouragement.  We would be encouragers, one to the other.  We became prayer partners, asking God to bless our ministries, our churches, our lives, our careers, etc.  We sought God together for one another, our families and others.  God strengthened our sister/friendship and we have grown in grace further in the Lord.

On the particular night that we began to talk about this project, I was in “crisis” mode.  I was in deep warfare regarding a love relationship gone awry.  In the midst of my months of discovery and revelation about the relationship, I found that I needed to sanctify and purge myself, through the love of God, of many afflictions, pain and difficulties.  I was holding on to hurt, shame and guilt, and I was struggling to let go of these problems.  I needed deliverance, not just healing.  I needed to be delivered and set free from a deep place of confusion and perplexity.  I was still harboring deep hurt and “unforgiveness” of myself for things I’d done and I had resentment in my heart against others who had knowingly hurt me and acted as if I was insignificant and that I didn’t matter.  I was in a place of spiritual stagnation and I was starting and stopping in my attempt to get free.  I eventually realized that I was not fully trusting in God, once again, but this time I was at another level of spiritual knowledge and experience.  It was a higher level of spiritual knowledge and experience, so why was I tripping?  It was during this time that I realized that I was growing and the growth process was painful.  I knew deep in my spirit that the joy that I’d once experienced was God’s desire for me consistently, and I knew that I’d allowed the enemy to infiltrate my mind. As a result of that infiltration, I was fighting for my natural and spiritual life with a determination to be restored to the place in God that He desired for me.   

In our conversation on that night, I began to share with Val, in a way that I’d never done before.  I began to talk about deep personal issues that I thought that I had finally come to grips with.  I began to pour out some of my deepest, darkest secrets and fears.  She listened without condemnation or judgment.  Then she began to counsel with me and she shared her story too.  We both began to open up and God washed me and blessed me beyond any place or level in Him that I’d ever experienced.  I experienced such a deep personal moment of revelation and joy at that time.  I felt renewed and revived in that particular moment.  It was just what I needed and my understanding was deepened even further.  I told her that I had received a revelation from God to write a book about my life and she verified that she had begun to write a book about her life.  We talked further about how God had sent us in the midst of publishers and information regarding editing and we were beginning to process why He was doing this.  To understand the depth of why we were being used to give these testimonies would be revealed later.  We finished the conversation that night and the rest is history.”

Present Day

The SIBTT Literary Group is looking for additional authors for the second volume. We know what God has given us for this season, and we have extended an invitation to female spiritual leaders, female writers, gifted female contributors, coaches, consultants, and speakers who are unafraid to share open and transparent testimonies that impact the lives of others globally, from a spiritual perspective. These testimonies give an account of how the writers have experienced some of the worst life circumstances, in ministry, while living under the stigma or thought that, “I must be the only one in ministry or in my saved walk with God that has experienced this. No one will or can understand”. Well my sister, you are not, and this book, to be published in early 2015, will encourage you and others to go from “scared to transformed, and from spiritually bound to spiritual liberation” by the redeeming love of God and the renewing of your mind.

“Sister, I’ve Been There Too”™  is about our collective spiritual empowerment, courage, strength, and high self-esteem; as well as our spiritual self-acceptance, Divine self-efficacy, un-apologetic self-conceptualization, transformation by the renewing of your mind, rekindling our spirit, and newness in Christ.

Everyone deserves to live a free and liberated life. We are entitled to it based upon our Divine heritage and lineage. No longer can we cultivate and demonstrate in our lives by exhibiting actions that present us as women who cannot fully tap into the delivering power of God. We, must break every chain and be loosed from the shackles of negativity that keep us bound and hindered, based upon our own choices and the reactions of others. God hears your cry. Allow Him to set you free, knowing that you are not alone.

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Pastor Valerie Howard-Jones, CEO
Rev. Tracey M. Booker, COO
SIBTT Literary Group 

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time (this present life) are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us andin us and [a]for us and [b]conferred on us! Romans 8:18


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